Cloth Sim on animated characters

Hi all,

I’ve made some clothes in marvelous designer and i want to import them into blender and make a cloth sim on an animated character.

I have the clothes ready, and i imported them as a FBX. Things seem to be fine till i start using the cloth simulations.

I’ve looked at a few clothing tutorials but most pf them animate the clothes in marvelous and export the animated cloth into blender.

Now I initially planned on my character to have multiple layers of clothing but from seeing the performance of the cloth sim i have no idea what to do.

As of now i have a vest on my character that i was trying to pin on the shoulder area after making the vest a child of the main body.

The clothes simply said just crumble up. and if i increase the setting too much, blender freezes because i have a very mediocre pc.

I’m attaching the blend file below. Any help is greatly appreciated.