Cloth sim randomly stop working (no simulation, and stops followig the rig). .Blend attached!

My cloth sim randomly stops working on a particular mesh of a scene. This is a coat.

If I append it in a new file (as I did for the attached blend file), the cloth simulation is working. So I begin to set it up but then, randomly, after I modify a parameter (sometimes Cloth collision quality, sometimes Bending…), the cloth simulation stops working and the coat isn’t following the rig anymore.

Once the cloth sim is bugged, unabling/enabling the cloth panel doesn’t solve the problem.

Please find the blend file attached as a wetransfer link : you’ll find the coat with a simple pin group (pinned_manteau). I know there’s a lot to improve on this mesh but I need to sort this out before.

PS : this is not meant to be free licenced as it will be used for commercial purposes in a near future. This is why i didn’t upload my blend file on Blender exchange.

Hope you’ll find whats wrong in this :slight_smile:

My blendfile :

Ok, I’ve checked for any loose or non-merged vertices, and it seems that it was the issue here…

Still trying to set it up, will let you know if it happens again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: