Cloth sim : tentacles wrap around a pillar

Hello community, sorry in advance for the disturbing animation, i’m trying to find a way to have a nice and organic effect of tentacle system that attract to things and eventually wrap around. It’s kind of working but, i have a lot of collisions problems maybe it’s the order of modifiers or collision parameters, maybe someone have some trick to help, thanks in advance :wink:

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Thanks RSEhlers, i think it’s more like a regular rig in this case, what i’m looking for is more similar to this old Houdini exemple : ​
like more procedural approach.
I think the fact that i use skin modifier is why i have those problems, maybe if i can use a chain with spheres that follow the form of the tentacle i want and that chain still react to fields, it could be ok.
I find this blender exemple will help me too :

This time, i use subdivided plane because cloth dont work with edge line, make a vertex group of one line edge of the plane and use it in a mask modifier and put a skin modifier after (in edit mode it’s horrible but in object mode the mask works well) then a subdivision modifier and finally a collision. This method works on for tube like tentacles because the cloth collision is made on the plane, not the final result so i have to adapte the distance in cloth object collisions parameters.

That looks pretty good… only thing is it is hard to control … I was thinking something more on the lines of a tentacle with a curve modifier … perhaps an offset to an empty so you could use an array modifier ( better than scaling ) and a curve modifier around a spiral curve…then you could animate the action and with a cloth sim or perhaps a soft-body make it look fleshy…

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yes, it good too, it’s different a approach for more control like a key framed animation i tried with bendy bones too for an other experiment of “eversion” combining bendybones that follow path with curve, i like it. I will try both at the end i think. My first goal is to have ready to use procedural system to have tentacle creature with no key frames animation, but it’s cool to try the total control with key-frames animation too or combine them.
Here is the exemple of my experiment with bendy bones follow path to make a mouth or snail eye system, and the path is controlled by two different type of curve : as spiral and a 180° bend curves (i know GN don’t make usable bones because they are just instances, but maybe one day :wink: ) :

i could try the curve field too with your idea with an already prepared curve wraped around the aim and when the creature is closer its tentacles will be attracted to the shape of that curve

Ok i tried soft bodies but not a fan but the last results i have with cloth are what i’m looking for
here are my last tests, i will try to use this with shape shifting tentacles Cthulhu like beast :

i keep trying to make a workable insideout eversing effect too like a snail eye do or bloodworm :

the effect is kind of working but not as nice as the bones follow curve or curve follow curve i tried before but i keep trying :wink: