Cloth simulation action weird

Hi there,

please I help me as I am getting crazy: with 2.81, to me, it is impossible to render a realistic cloth simulation.

I wold simply like to do something like this
nothing PRO.

but whatever the configuration I try to use, the simulation goes weird.

  1. as you can see the cloth moves inside the plane.
    this does not happens with higher collision parameter, but in that way the cloth DOES not touch obstacles at all.
  2. the cloth itself seems acted by some strength, some wind, even if no force field is acting. it keeps moving and floating UNREALISTCLY
  3. this simple animation is with two-bones parented to the plane moving towards the plane and against a box on it. but even with 500 frames the cloth keep floating (as said in point 2) and create this strage waves.

can someone suggest me a basic “cotton” sheet simulation set up as I have wasted 3 hours for nothing?

ty vm!