Cloth Simulation behaviour on real-scale models

Hi there,

I am wondering, because I followed a tutorial about cloth simulation in Blender 2.9 and it told me to really upscale my character to be able to simulate clothing correctly. Didn’t do it, because:

  1. I like to work with real scale models (up- and down-scaling objects really isn’t the elegant method of doing stuff in 3D Software)

and 2. I forgot to about it

My cloth simulation just went crazy at certain places. To be fair, I found some intersecting vertices with the colliding object, which fixed some of the spasms. However, I did not connect the pieces and tried every possible adjustment (besides scaling) to get quality in my simulation. When I was closely to smashing my PC to smithereens, that thought came to me, so finally I bloody up-scaled my character and suddenly every little spasm of the simulation was gone!

Does anybody of you out there work with cloth simulation on a regularly basis and can tell me why objects need to be abnormally big to render a nice simulation? I find it very ineffective and bothersome to scale a rigged character, do the simulation, and then try to find it’s original scale again.

Would really love to hear your thoughts and maybe some tips regarding cloth simulation :slight_smile:

Best regards