[Cloth Simulation] Clothes Exploding & Shaking

Ready :
If the clothes are simulated as they are in the original state,
they will be torn along the UV seams, so I have selected only the seams
and merged the faces into one by Merge by Distance.

Simulation :
As soon as the simulation starts, the clothes exploded and the surface shook. (Frame 2)
After a while… it danced! (Frame 40)
(However, since it was merged, it was not torn.)

Settings :
The settings are mostly default.
Preset: Cotton, Collision Distance: 0
I reduced the Collision Distance to 0 to reduce the explosion a bit.
(I tried reducing the character’s collision distance, but it exploded more.)

I googled to see if there is a correct setting, and I am applying it,
but I have not been able to solve it yet.
Advice please!

Once i had no end of trouble with a clothing sim, I think i solved it by applying scale to the model, could it be something simple like this you’ve overlooked???

So… do you mean that scaling up the clothes will solve the problem?
If it so, isn’t it meaningless to make the clothes fit the character?
For example, in the case of leggings, they are very thin and almost stick to the skin.
If the scale of the leggings gets bigger or smaller, of course it will be weird.
The same goes for most other clothes.
I don’t think the problem will be solved that easily.
(If I misunderstood, please tell me.)

No, i mean’t do your objects have a scale of 1. Press ‘N’ to bring up the panel and see what scale your objects have. It was just an idea as i encountered similar.

At first I was like, ‘what does model scaling have to do with simulation explosions?’ I thought.
I forgot about it for a while, then realized there was no other way, so I tried it.
When I scaled the character and clothes 4 times larger, surprisingly, the shaking and explosion stopped.

According to searches, to fundamentally solve this problem, we need to reduce the Collision Distance, but there is a limit to the minimum distance allowed by Blender, so on the contrary, people had to enlarge the model. (Am I right?)

Until we find a way to further reduce the Collision Distance, it looks like we’ll have to use that method.
Thank you for your advice! :smiley:

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Glad you solved it, now you mention it, I think the model size is a thing and Blender performs better in physics sims if the models are larger…

Just out of interest, have a read of this (scale section), because i wasn’t actually suggesting you scale up your model but you inadvertently solved the problem yourself by doing that :smile:

Apply — Blender Manual