Cloth simulation + collision problems in rigging


After a long hiatus from Blender I’m back and I’m trying to learn the basics of animation again. I’ve been playing with a character I rigged following a tutorial and I’ve been trying to get familiar with clothing and collisions and such and it’s been really fun and thanks to the new Blender features, it’s even easier than before! :slight_smile:

However, I have a problem with my jacket mesh and torso mesh. They are both set as a collision object and I’ve parented both to the armature skeleton using automatic weights preset. For some reason the torso still goes through the jacket cloth mesh even though it shouldn’t. I’ve tried solving the problem for hours and I’ve pretty much tried everything I could think of.

If you have time to look at the .blend -file and suggest something to fix the situation, I would be very thankful! Thanks in advance! =)

I’ve set up a test animation so pressing Alt+A and viewing the characters back should reveal the problem :slight_smile:


Put the cloth modifier last on the stack. See if that works.

@daren: I already tried almost all the possible combinations of modifier stack and it worked with the hand and feet and belt meshes but for some reason the torso is giving me a hard time and I don’t know why. I even remade the torso from scratch :slight_smile: