Cloth Simulation - Curtain - Best workflow as Game Engine asset

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to Blender / Game Engine asset creation. I’m trying to figure out the best workflow to model and export a cloth simulated asset to Unreal Engine 4, particularly a Curtain mesh.

high-poly mesh

I’ve modeled it using Blender Cloth Simulation and I’m trying to bake the hi-poly details into a lower poly mesh, but I’m getting weird artifacts in my normal maps. I just can’t get away with a clean baked normal map. I’ve tried messing with Extrusion and Max Ray Distance in Cycles, tried also baking it with a Cage setup. Tried Shrinkwrap the Low Poly mesh to the Hi Poly mesh, also no results improving the bake quality.

low-poly mesh

Tried modeling the Low Poly version in different ways. In the picture it’s just the Hi-Poly with no Subdivision Modifier.

low-poly mesh UV and Material Node setup

baked normal map and cycles settings

My question is if there is a better workflow to model and export this kind of cloth simulation as low-poly mesh to game engines. Maybe I’m missing something here, I would appreciate if someone could point me to some mistakes in this process. Thanks!

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the artifacts seem to appear where there is overlapping polygons in your model.
try to edit them manually.

or use this trick to make a viewpoint normal map



I kind of solve it with the first solution. Messed a bit with the geometry, but I’ve just managed to get fewer artifacts, so I could fix it with photoshop:

low poly, normal map applied

Also tried the second solution, it worked for a simple plane (2D) solution, but it lacks depth in an angle.

low poly (plane), normal

When applied in the unsubdivided low poly mesh it shows some weird shadows, maybe because its geometry doesn’t match the normal map shadows. I don’t know if I’m missing something when I’m mapping the UV’s or something else.

low poly (unsubdivided)

My high poly mesh setup was this:

high poly node setup

Anyway, thank you for you help!