Cloth simulation Err...breaking?

Hi everyone,

I just started to use blender and I wanted to experiment with some physics. If I make a simple plane and add the “cloth” physic to it, the animation is perfect. However, if I use a complex shirt(well it is just an object really) and apply the cloth feature on it, It breaks! It also seems to break into five pieces of which the fifth seems to “explode”. I downloaded the model from the internet and thats why I have no idea of the problem. Isn’t using CTRL + J enough to keep the five pieces together?



Thank you :slight_smile:

No. Join makes the separate pieces into a single mesh, but that does not make the mesh a continuous single piece, it still has gaps between the pieces. These will need to be “stitched” together in some fashion – as it is now, it’s like the pieces of cloth for a shirt that have yet to be sewn together.

Pairs of selected vertices can be merged with Alt+M (options pop up). New faces bridging gaps can be made between pairs of selected edges with F-KEY. Once all gaps have been filled in some way, the shirt will act as a single cloth piece in the sim.

Thanks a lot, it helped me a lot! Just one more question, what could the model creator have changed in the property’s of an object for it to explode? What I mean is that the cloth works great but when I also add another piece of an object to it, that piece explodes on contact(I did merge it and remove doubles). I didnt see anything unusual in the settings or the physics…