Cloth Simulation Explosion

I am trying to simulate a blanket on top of my bed. I’ve set everything that touches the blanket as collisions. However, the cloth have this exploding effect. I have self-collision turned on and reset all transformations via CLTR + A. Why did this happen? How can I fix this?

I’m afraid the video on the link might help.

I always was pretty fine with the standard setting. Did you tried a simple modell first? You may also show your settings.

I tried the video, but that doesn’t solve the problem. I increase the outer thickness of the collision, and increase the geometry of the mesh. I went on Blender Stack and I was recommended to increase my quality steps to 55 (thats a lot!). This is too much for my computer. The cloth gets more haywire when I had more collisions that it needs to sit on top on. :cold_sweat:

Please help: This is my blender file.

This is a project for my portfolio so I don’t have the luxury to switch it to a simple model. I’ve tried to see if it will work with just the bed and the cloth (without the table). It is better but I need still need 55 quality steps to make it happen. Really slowing down my computer. I still don’t know why this problem happens.

This is my blender file:

I meant simpler model for trying different setting to research the cloth sim…
Anyway: Try quality steps 5, Collision Quality 3 Object/Self Collison distance 0.001 on the blankets and singled sided off and thicknes outer 0.001 (Damping 1 ?) on the bed etc

The bottom of the crash target is open.
This seems to require a lot of collision detection.

I think it would be better to simply model the bed surface and table to complete simulation and use the results.

Finish the details with editing…

  1. Distribute more noodles to the table and block holes.
  2. Add noodles to tray
  3. Combine blankets + tables + trays.
  4. Simulation can produce image-like results


The file you provided can also be simulated normally.?? :sweat: :sweat:

User version Blender 3.0 Alpha

Thanks for all the replies. I am new to Blender so I don’t understand some terminology. What do you mean by the bottom of the crash target is “open?” and "require lots of collision detection? Do you mean the side where there is no bed frame to hold the collision so it might pose a problem?

What do you mean by “noodles”? Do you mean loop cuts?

I am using an earlier version of Blender

Okay, I will play around with the settings and see if this will change and slowly add new items on top. Thanks

The sentence is strange because I wrote it with a translator.

The file you provided…dropbox. ClothSimProblem.blend
operate normally without any problems
Test - Blender 2.83 / Blender 2.93 / Blender 3.0

※ Try installing the blender again.

If there is a hole in the modeling and there is little impact on simulation, closing reduces errors.

A single object may be more favorable to simulation than multiple objects.

In the same case as above
Replace objects used for simulation and objects used for rendering.

There are many ways to reduce errors and time, but it’s hard to explain with a translator. :grin: