Cloth simulation extremely slow Blender 2.91.2

I have a problem with the cloth simulation in blender 2.91.2.
It is extremely slow.
The fps counter shows 0.4 fps in average with a small pane falling over an object.

My computer should be able to handle this a bit better at least I think.
(the quality settings are at 5, both the cloth quality and the colision quality)

My system is a I7 9900K running at 5Ghz
GPU is a GTX 3090
32Gbs of RAM.

Can anybody advice what can be wrong?

Very slow compared to what? Use fewer verts.

Im using very few verts, just a pane with one loop cut, so thats 6 verts. that colides with a not modified cube.

6 verts, that definitely shouldn’t be happening. Got a file?

I worked a lot with cloth modifier these days, but did not this low fps with even more verts…
Make sure to disable if applied subdivision surface modifier

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