Cloth Simulation - Fixing Extreme Intersections

Let’s say I have a animation of curtains pulled to the sides… can you imagine how the wrinkles are created?
Let’s also say that that particular scene is quite important so I can’t really leave cloth showing bugs of intersecting with itself.
And the question is: what should I do and what would you do?
Here’s a few ideas i came up:

  1. Scale it up - basically self-collision distance set to 0.75 is minimum to save cloth from intersecting with itself. On the downside however it straights those lovely folds we want(and also make’s curtains bulge like they are made from leather or some other stiff material).
    Answer: Scale it up about 4-7 times, to make the 0.75 relatively small space.
    Pros: it look’s beautiful - no intersecting (at least for pulling aside part of animation).
    Cons: It’s Big - making my light sources and materials useless. Also many unforeseen problems on the way as always with new workflow.
    I cannot scale it down back to it’s original scale - after baking absolute(global) positions of vertices will not change - not as long as it has modifier active and data baked.

  2. Record It - Which brings us to second point. Can’t move baked animated object(mesh?), can’t scale it. Why not apply the changes in shapekeys?
    However no such option in menu’s?
    Answer: use exporter/importer script or a script to exactly do the recording
    Pros: ShapeKeys can be edited - goodbye cruel intersection thanks to editing by hand.
    Cons: No working script found that would do what I need, so it’s also hello python. Not a bad thing in the longrun but doesn’t help right away when i need it.

  3. Use “Bake Editing” - sadly no longer supported. So there…

  4. Give up - do animation by rigging, drivers and shapekeys and don’t get curtains anywhere near simulation if I don’t neet to.

What’s your opinion on this case?

PS. First post - wooo!:stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT:[SOLVED] I just found this video on youtube

In short: add a shape key and edit pinning group using proportional editing (it makes original topology stretch, but I guess this also solves problems with intersecting).
Then animate shape key’s influence and turn self collision on. Voila!