Cloth SImulation Help

I am new to blender animation and am trying to test animation with different types of cloth. But no matter how many Quality Steps i take or Collision Steps, I am not able to do fine simulation with denim Cloth Type.

Nothing to look at so gonna take a stab in the dark and suggest your mesh. They need A LOT of subdivisions for the cloth sim to even work.

I am still testing but am getting very wierd behaviour with the cloth simulation.
Before I could not get smooth simulation (lots of wierd behaviour even with Quality Steps: 50 and Collision steps: 50)
But after there was a refined smooth simulation which i got after Quality Steps: 100 and Collision Steps: 100… Now it is working smooth simulation even with Quality Steps: 5 and Collision Steps 5.
Is this expected behaviour with cloth simulation?

You can get some weird behaviors…but that drastic of a difference I haven’t seen…I tend to use quality down in the low numbers…almost never over 20.