Cloth simulation is going through the mesh.

I mad my first character. the only thing I cant seem to do is the cloth. his cloak goes right through him. I do have collision
on my character. so I don’t know why its not working. I am attaching my blend file.blend file.blend (646 KB) so please let me know what I did wrong.

Cloth + collider must be on the same layer

I tried your file and there’s a few things you can do… I noticed that the cloth jumped off the head when I tried to bake it…
In your physics tab of the character your soft cloth dampening is a bit too high (outer). If you set it to 0.005 you should get a better result.

A few thigns to note is that you need to have collision on the armor as well, plus that with a vertex group you could pin the mask part of the robe to the face, ensuring it won’t glide around too much.