Cloth simulation issue (curtains)

Coult anyone explain to me what might cause this issue? The curtain wont get waves
I use Silk Cloth parameteres.

You have to model the waves first in real geometry,
do a bevel on a zig-zag profile or use this dynamic solution:

Not really, he already shrinked the pin vertex group. And it should create the waves.

Try to decrease your self collision distance.

It did not help, I tried it several times but the result is the same(

No, mate, it did not help. I put 0,001m but it would not change the result(

What is the scale of your scene? Isn’t it too small? What is the size of your curtain? It looks also that the weight of your material is too low. Didn’t you deactivate gravity?

Can you provide the blend file only with the curtain to inspect?

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You are my hero. the solution was as plain as day, it was Gravity all the way

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I am glad to have helped. :slight_smile:

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