Cloth Simulation Not Working

So, I just finished doing the animation for a short fight scene and I decided to make parts of the character’s clothing have physics because it would look nicer. However, when I set up the cloth physics and pinning, the cloth simulation doesn’t do anything when I press play. The animation just continues as normal. I tried adding a cube and a plane to see if the problem had to do with the characters only, but then the plane didn’t move either (video below). I even tried copying everything into another file to see if the cloth physics would work, and it did. However, copying everything to another file causes a lot of issues to the animation such as one of my characters somehow growing in size and not moving. The cloth for the characters also seems to crumple up and even sometimes stretch away from them. Is there a way to possibly get the cloth physics to at least move in the original animation file? I feel like copying everything to another file is not worth it with all the glitches it causes. Thanks.