Cloth Simulation on object with multiple meshes

Hi guys!

Easy question here about Cloth Simulation.

Basically put, I have an object with multiple meshes on it. I need to Cloth Simulate one of the meshes but have the cloth simulate not affect the other meshes at all. Is this doable? I can find no options for it if it is.

Thank you again.


What you could do is :

  • Create a vertex group, and assign all meshes you want to have still.
  • Check “Pinning” in the cloth params, and select this group.

See you ++

PS : But why do you want it to be the same object if is doesn’t have the same comportment at all ?
For example if your are dealing with cloth on a character, I think that cloth and character shouldn’t be the same object.

Thanks but using PIN will negate the animation that is on the other meshes. I need the simulation to not affect the other meshes in any form at all.

Copy your object and add cloth to that. Delete mesh parts that you don’t want to interact in cloth simulation. (Reduce poly count as well if necessary for faster simulation)