Cloth simulation question

Hello everybody,

in advance, sorry for my typo or my grammar :eek: I’m from Belgium and I’m not perfect English speaker.

I’m using Blender for about a month now, haven’t really deal with graphics software, except AutoCAD or SolidWorks.
I had my few step on 3Ds but nothing amazing.

anyway, I’m running a cloth simulation and I can’t figure it out with my “cloth” is floating above the sofa.
I’ve tried to touch every parameter but still…

Thank you for answer

PS: I’m not use to Forum

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there are two settings that can cause this. select the plane, go to the physics tab and select the cloth simulation. under Cloth collition, there is a Distance value. the lower this is, the closer the plane will be to the sofa, but settings this too low may cause glitches.

also, if you select the sofa, (i assume you use a collition tag on it) then go to physics and select the collition tag. under “soft body and cloth” there is a Outer scale. what this does is make a fake surface above the surface of the sofa witch the cloth will land on, this is to pervent the cloth form clipping through the sofa and aparing on top. you may want to turn this down. i dont think turning this down will cause any glitches so feel free to try and turn it all the way down, but keep an eye out for wierd artifacts during the simulation.