cloth simulation speed ?

i did a flag or sail with a motif inside in 2.5
see pic
the motif is not mpa it is drawn inside the mesh with several materials

but when i tried to add wind and see cloth simulation it’s running super slow ?

any idea why it is so slow ?


Did you bake the cloth simulation? Also, how much poly is in your cloth?

the one with model in the mesh is at around 300v but subdivided a few times and it goes up to 12000 very fast!
don’t know why it’s verts are growing so fast
the motif inside is so simple

so that’s probably why it is slow !

did not see the vert count at top for this one !

i tested another one with UV mapping (300v) and seems to be working a lot faster

and no i did not do the baking !

how and where can you do this in 2.49 and 2.5 too if possible with only wind and cloth


All you have to do is go to the cloth physics tab in 2.5, and find the section Cloth Cache. From there, set your simulation specs, and hit bake. A number will become your cursor. When it gets to 100, you will have no more lag.