Cloth simulation- weight issue

Making a roof of Pergola, arranged vertexes well and made the animation.
However, cloth on hooks does not make the same camber at each place. I adjusted weight but did not work. any idea?Untitled Project_1

The one that looks stretched out tighter looks as if it is trying to span a larger space…are they all the same size? I’m talking about the spacing between the rafters. That may be where the problem is…

thanks for your reply.
actually distance of each rafters are same… just the roof is not fully horizontal, some inclined as in picture

Can you try and duplicate the Left panel and copy it to the Right location flipped 180 and see if that gets it…? Re-set the pins…

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That’s why I said, “I hope cloth behaves ok”. I believe it has something to do with the rotation given by the empty after the animation was already set. I will study the case.

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All vertex groups were created when cloth and all others were horizontally positioned.
once add rotation, I lost the stability of cloth simulation as said. Only re-set pins in rotated position fixed the issue…
Another solution which is actually much better (from Calandro, helped me a lot);

Add an empty object and parent all the objects to the empty
Once rotate the empty to the desired angle, all parented objects follow it smoothly

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