Cloth Simulation with Buttons/Rips/Fasteners

Hey all,

I’m working on a cloth simulation for a character’s button-down shirt, and I wanted to see if anyone had found a way to rip/tear/merge cloth during the simulation. For this particular animation, I wanted to have the character to pop the buttons one by one and have rips appear in the shirt.

I’ve been able to get a passable effect by having multiple cloth meshes with the cuts already made and hiding/revealing the next stage of the tear, but this seems pretty clunky and the elastic snap/cloth motion isn’t conserved. I’ve been able to fake it a bit more by adding an active force, but I’d prefer to have a singular mesh with progressive/activatable tears. Does anyone know if there’s a built-in way to accomplish this in Blender, or if there’s a relevant add-on that could help to simplify the process? I’d tinkered around with Hooks, but I haven’t had much experience with them and am not too sure how to apply them to this application. Any advice would be much appreciated!