Cloth simulation with collision objects

I am following this tutorial to make a bed, but I am getting stuck on the blanket. I added the cloth modifier to the blanket then the collision modifier to the mattress, but the cloth doesn’t fall. I did a little bit of digging and decided to add a Rigid Body to the cloth. That makes the cloth fall, but it still goes right through the mattress. Anyone able to help me?

It’s difficult to say something without a screenshot or the blend file to analise.

You cannot use rigid body in the same object you are using the cloth modifier. It’s not going to work.

I made a little test here and in my pc everything works as it should, just applying the cloth to the object and playing the animation.

Did you click on play button for animation to run through the frames?

I think this link will work for the blend file I took out the rigid body as well

And I did play the animation

I need to discover what is wrong with your object, cause I’ve created a plane with subdivisions and applied the cloth and it works, but not on your object.

Enter edit mode of your object. Press A to select everything, go to MESH - CLEAN UP and then DELETE LOSE.

You have lose vertices on your mesh.

That worked! Thanks for your help!

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Also your collision distance is ridiculously large and you need to enable self collisions too.

You are welcome.