Cloth Simulation

I have a good graphics card and a fairly new computer. What do I need to make cloth physics work better. I’d also like to use soft body without my computer freezing, but that’s not as important to me.

What do I need, better processor? Better RAM? Better CPU? Better motherboard? Better harddrive? Better Core?.. also, assume I don’t know what any of these mean.

Just don’t do physics on blender. They are still broken. Take Marvelous Designer for cloth

Really?! That’s depressing. Marvelous Designer is AWESOME! but it’s such a hassle importing and exporting and lately my alembic files haven’t been working properly with animations. Plus you can’t have a character grab something themselves. And if anything at all is wrong, which with me it is 93% of the time, Marvelous is very unforgiving. Maybe I’m not doing something right. How do you handle imports and exports with animation?

I don’t know, I don’t use it lol. If you cloth in blender, keep in mind two different cloth object can’t interact beetween each other, unless you bake to keyframe and set to collider, wich is a pain.

And don’t provide accurate results since only one cloth is reacting to the other

The native Cloth Simulation is very capable in Blender, it’s just not point and click. You have to adjust multiple setting and add modifiers to get the desired effect.
But I will add that having the option to adjust multiple parameters and add modifiers make it extremely powerful. Much more than a point and click sim app.

All of my clips in this video use Blender’s native cloth simulations. I show basic single cloth to multi layer garments with arm and leg intersections.

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Yes this. Its capable but sometimes frustrating. Wish sometimes they would show the collisions of cloths. I currently have a multilayer cloth setup with a belt and its driving me crazy but i will solve it.

Back to your question i think a powerful cpu will do the most… And most of the cloth simulation is multi threaded

EDIT: this video is awesome! You also animated it? Great work

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Yeah, it can definitely be a “WTF did it do that for?” Kind of frustration. :grimacing:

Thank you. Yes some of the clips are hand keyframed. Some are personal motion capture to show my level of proficiency in retargeting and clean up.

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Thanks for that. I need to learn motion capture next, if you have any pointers or links that will help me. Animating takes me so long to keyframe that I’ve just about given up.

Thanks for that answer. However, I noticed you said “I think a powerful cpu will do the most…” Before I drop a thousand dollars on this project, how sure are you that it’s cpu that I need?

Well lets start by posting your specs. You dont need the thousand dollar cpu just a decent one for 300 or less…

I would say don’t try to short cut it and go directly to Mocap. Keep working on keyframed animation and the fundamentals.

Motion capture isn’t always plug and play. Most of the time you’ll have to do a considerable amount of clean up, and your keyframed cleaning better match your Mocap motions or it will be noticeable; and even more so when an entire limb or head’s Mocap data needs to be scrapped and done by hand.

Also you may need to make larger adjustments if Mocap data can’t be adjusted to needed environment, and that will require rekeying several bones with traditional keyframe techniques.
So my advice is to keep at it, cause you can’t short cut animation. :grinning:

Good luck and keep at it!

Wow thanks. I’ll definitely keep at it. I figured I’d have to do a lot of tweaking, but I’m hoping it’s not so much that I have to each and every movement for each and every character. That was getting tiresome. Even if it’s just a small shortcut, I’ll take it

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I don’t know what some of this means, but I have a Intel Core i5-3350P CPU @ 3.10GHz 16GB 64-bit

Well that thing is pretty old. Like you can buy it for 30Euros… Look for one for 300 or less and google a cpu guide or pc guide or whatever. There are so many guides

And just to clarify and clear up any confusion, several of the clips in my showreel are pure 100% hand keyframed. The alley bunny hop shot, the fake tailwhip off the steps shot, the bike shop with work bench shot, the break dancing shot, half of the alley dumpster smash are all hand keyframed.
The rest of the clips are a mixture of keyframing and motion capture. :slight_smile:

I’m in the USA… my only reasonable cheap options are trash and garbage.

Also, I’ve googled what I should get, but I don’t want to buy a new computer, and I certainly don’t want to buy something I don’t need. Everything google suggests is for gaming PCs. That’s not what I’m looking for. I came here because I want a computer for Blender and only Blender. This would be the place to go. What I need to know is what parts I should get to have a computer that specializes in Blender, with out wasting money on things that blender doesn’t need?