Cloth Simulation

Hey you coders out there! Sorry if you already know about this, but theres a great cloth simulation program at

Open source, of course. Integrate maybe?

yes. this link was posted before. but thanks anyway…

Still nice to look at huh. :slight_smile:

im going to start counting how many times you’ve reposted information that has already been posted…


Warning: This is also information that has already been posted at the forums, here. I posted these links there in response the the very same Freecloth link as above. This is for the benefit of those who do not frequent the forums.

This is series of links about cloth simulation, both general information and specific open source implemantations. Hope this is some help to those interested in this topic.

General Information

Cloth Simulation Links

Physically Based Model of Cloth Draping (basics)

Simulating Cloth for 3D Games

Realtime Cloth Simulation
(also hair and water dynamics, source not yet available, not updated in a year)

Source Code

SimCloth3 plugin for discreet 3dsmax (with source, GPL)

Topix Cloth Softimage Plugin
(with source, the original source of our own cloth script, has many features not yet implemented in our script)

Basic OpenGL based Cloth Simulation
(with source, supposedly buggy code, non-commented)

Apocalyx Game Engine with basic Cloth Simulation (with source)

Clothray POVray patch (with source)
This site is no longer online. It was a project by Reyes Infografica (makers of ClothReyes) to Open Source all their code and integrate it into one large 3D project. Details on what happend to these plans are sparse … anyone know any details?

Things to Aspire to

Syflex - The Cloth Simulator
(commercial product, used in Final fantasy Movie, XMen2 - supposedly the ultimate in cloth simulation - 5 to 10 times faster than most of its peers)