Cloth simulation

I did a very simple simulation with a plane(cloth) dropping in a cube.All collisions were added.When I played the animation it all worked as intended but when the plane dropped to the cube, I was able to see one vertice of the cube like the plane(cloth) was tore to that corner of the cube.So my question is can the cloth mesh be torn apart ? Or is it a bug of some kind?

thanks in advance

Clipping errors in cloth simulations are a common problem. It happens when you don’t have enough geometry or space to calculate an accurate drape over a surface, usually when the cloth encounters a sharp angle on an obstacle. There are several ways to fix it. You can increase the subdivision of your cloth, you can increase the margin of the simulation so the cloth doesn’t make such solid contact with the obstacle’s surface, and you can use the Mask modifier on the cube to hide clipped geometry that should otherwise be occluded by the cloth. Sometimes a Solidify modifier on the cloth can also help.

Many many thanks,you gave me a solution and a name to my problem :smiley:

Don’t sell me short; I gave you at least four solutions! :wink:

Oh,it was general speaking :stuck_out_tongue: Many thanks!