Cloth Simulator Clipping

I wonder if someone can help me out. I have been following tutorials such as this on cloth simulator. No matter what I do I always end up with massive clipping issues and cloth not colliding correctly or behaving like cloth. I showed my collision settings and the sheet is set to cotton with self collision turned on. Notice the massive clipping and how the sheet bunches instead of falls. Not sure what is going on, but this is my general experience with cloth simulator even when using the settings from tutorials.

Generally cloth simulation works better at a rather large scale. It’s often recommended to scale things up 5 times or more, if you are modelling in real world scales. You show the collision settings for the mattress. What did you set for the sheet? And is the sheet subdivided? Cloth needs a lot of geometry to play with.

Thanks issue was just with scale.


As @minoribus mentioned scaling cloth sims up helps, but it’s not always necessary - the problem is that the default offsets for cloth and collisions is too large - in real world units it’s at 1.5 cms, for each, for a total of 3cm. This is obviously a big deal when doing clothing.

Changing it to a more feasible 2mm ( 0.002 m ) will sort out most problems:

I noticed in the video you linked to that his bed is modelled at almost 10 meters in length - which you can see from his floor grid, each square being 1 m. This is why his sim worked with the default offsets - and we are right back to @minorbus comment :slight_smile:

Here’s my Blend file, in case it’s of use ( to you or anyone else). You’ll need to re-simulate as I deleted the cache to keep the file size down. The simulation time is 25 frames.

Bed.blend (2.1 MB)