Cloth Simulator Dilemma?

I’ve been trying to find an easy but effective way of making of Blender 2.48a’s cloth simulator to create a flowing robe for one of my characters…but I’m running into problems.

There has to be an easy way to set up this cloth simulation. This is what I have done. I have:

  1. taken the character mesh (which is already been rigged and skinned) and selected the vertices on the mesh that I want to be the cloak
  2. separated those vertices into a new mesh object and then enabled those as the cloth
  3. enabled the rig-deformed character mesh as the collision object
  4. Then animated the rig/bones
  5. Then tried to bake the cloth simulation

In this case, I have an armature that influences TWO meshes, one is the character mesh and the other is the cloak. It sort of works, but I’m getting buggy results.

I also just tried leaving the cloth alone and having it not influenced by the armature, just baking it to collide with the animated character mesh. I still get kinda buggy results.

Is there an easy way to do this? That is, to easily set up a flowing robe to follow a character mesh? any good resources to check out?

I’ve struggled with the ClothSim in the past, too. In my current project though (see my sig), I was able to sort out a setup that seems to work well. It’s not a full robe-type costume, but a simple 4-piece ‘kilt’ … so I’m not sure how well the technique would transfer.

Do you want to send me the file, so I can try to set it up and see if it works?

yes any help would be appreciated. I am going to upload in a minute here the blend file…this is just the low-res dummy shape I’ve been testing with (if you want to see the full character, check out my team’s in-progress production shots next week—we will be posting on the forums).

Re-upload the blend file with the robe/kilt applied. Thanks so much.

(also note, I will be studying your technique to see if I can replicate it for future work…do you think you could post the basic steps on what you did?)

Here is the derivative blend file that you could try fitting that cloth mech of yours. I really hope it works…it would save me a great deal of trouble/and perhaps teach me a trick or two about the cloth simulator. A text file is also embedded.

Thanks again…try posting the basic steps/settings if you can.


9BlenderArtist9 Derivative Mesh.blend (120 KB)

Here it is with the cloak that I want to fit on it (the rough version that is)…it’s low-res, you may need to subdivide it to allow for a smoother cloth sim.

Thanks alot. Sorry for the mishap of only giving the character mesh!

NOTE: You may want to remove the armature modifier to the cloak…it also follows the influence of the character mesh’s armature!!!


9BlenderArtist9 Derivative Mesh wiith cloth.blend (534 KB)