Cloth simulator going wack-o

Hey everyone, i’m new to this site, but not blender!
So the other day, I was modeling something pretty cool. It has clothes that I tried to use the cloth modifier on, but my cloth modifier folded itself up and… Well, you will see that the title is accurate. Anyone know how to help me? I included my .blend file.

Toriel.blend (860 KB)
I might have uploaded the wrong file.!Agpv4C7cvSNrkUwaXMk6pxW6SmDk

The second link is not working.
Also it’s better to check if you have indeed uploaded the wrong one and if so remove the attachement and link.
I’m basing my answer on the first link then.

Now for starters, cloth simulations never come before the model is finished.
There are many many issues with this model and that doesn’t help a good cloth simulation (and doesn’t help character rigging and posing either).
You need to learn about topology, geometry clean up, have a proper scale and use the right methods for the right things. For example you never want to simulate cloth like you do with the ears. You need to use a cage from a single-sided ribbon that you simulate and then solidify to envelop the real ear. See this simple file for example.cage cloth.blend (1.48 MB)

But mostly fix the model first, post back your improvements and we’ll worry about the cloth later.