Cloth Simulator Question

I have worked with the cloth simulator in the past, but only used it for a character who was already wearing clothes. This time I am making something different. A character is wearing a cape, which he then takes off and places on a rock. Later, he then leans over and picks up the cape and walks off with it.

I have having little luck using a combination of bones and the simulator to achieve this effect. Does anyone have any ideas about how one would go about creating this?

As long as the cape drapes over the body that should be not too much of a problem. I mean I am being rather positive in saying that. Of course there will be many problems. But in theory if there is an armature for the cape and pinning on the cape it should work.

You’d have to do some parenting tricks but in essence it should work - theoretically.

Describe more completely your set up so far.

Okay, well I have the cape which wraps around his neck. At the point where it wraps around his neck and the two pieces of the cape meet there is a pinning. He reaches up to undo his cape and I animate the stiffness of the pinning so it goes to zero, at which point the cape should fall off and land on the rock behind him. However nothing happens.

It should be worth noting that I have the cape parented to the body of the man so that it will follow him around.

Figured it out and got it fixed. Thanks though.