Cloth slides right

Blender 2.93.6

Scene: In a tavern. Bartender and customer are talking, bartender is wiping glasses with a rag.

I am working on how to get the bar rag to work. The bartender will be pushing the rag into the inside of the glass.

TC2BA.blend (269.0 KB)

The torus represents the top edge of a glass, the sphere is the tip of the bartender’s finger and the plane is the rag.

But the rag moves on it’s own at he end. Why is that?


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All I am seeing is the cloth sliding and becoming a bit off center. It seems to happen because of the randomness in the simulation and the movement of the folds.

How about increasing the friction on the torus?

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Well DANG!

I thought I had tried that. Several times.

But now it works. Thanks so much.

…which raises my original question “Why is that?”

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I think it might just be because the simulation has a bit of randomness in it. The cloth has slightly different folds on each side, which means it moves a little different on each side. With the cloth balancing on top of an object, the slightest difference could make it slide. Once it has started sliding, there is now more weight on one side and it starts to self-amplify.

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