Cloth Slow Motion

Hi Guys (and gals).

Anyone know the best way to make a cloth sim go in ultra slow motion. I have experimented a little with adjusting the mass, but what I really want is to slow down time a lot, almost as if I were to set the camera to 500-1000 fps.

Thx in advance. R

The only way I know of is to convert the cloth sim to shape keys then space them out by a certain number of frames to stretch the motion in time. Shape keys interpolate well so the additional frames should be well tweened.

You can fake a fair amount of slower motion with the cloth specs, such as a high Air factor, but not nearly what you are looking for.

Don’t know about 2.5x, but in 2.49b (last of the line), the export .mdd and import .mdd to shape keys scripts were very useful for doing this kind of processing.

Thx. Will give it a shot and report back.

in the render settings, there is a setting for frame rate. Set that to the desired frame rate. This operates as the global FPS I believe.