Cloth soft body needs a body? or is an armature enough?

Im making this character with nice cloth and all…, now, I would like a piece of advice from an experienced animator.
Because I dont know if it is adviceable to make the rigged body first and then put on clothes that I turn into cloth/softbodies and then add a collision to the body, OR (which would be nice:-)) I could SKIP the body as long as it isnt seen(only the head and hands are seen, the body is covered by cloth and the feet by shoes).
Would the last alternative give an equally good animation? or would it look like jelly? (it is supposed to look like it lies on a body). Do you get the problem?
I can give the clothes different weights anyway, so I dont know if I need to have a body and make collision and all that, it would be easier just to attach the clothes to an armature and give the cloth different weights.
Could I please get a piece of advice from an experienced user?

Im not experienced, but i found that when creating the parents for the armature, you can select the cloth section with the body char. when creating the parent group for the armature - the cloth should follow the body mesh.
I hope this helps, but I dount it :slight_smile:

Thanx for your advice, I will try it out:-)