cloth: starch in my boxers

I’m trying to do a simple anim of some boxer shorts flapping in the wind. But, as you can see in the vid I posted, the bottom of the shorts immediately go into some sort of spastic clench from which they never recover.

I’ve even tried setting the number of baking frames to 500. Same result.

It’s because of the seam at the bottom of the legs. It’d be clearer if you post some wires of the model, but it’s likely that the rest of the mesh has fairly large quads compared to the narrow ones at the seam. Your cloth settings are making the seam quads try to expand, and some are, but not others, instead they’re squeezing together. If you’re using Edge Split on the seams it’s also probably contributing to the problem.

For a more even cloth motion you need a more even mesh in terms of quad size. This makes detail like seams difficult to include in the mesh itself – maybe better to use texturing or normal mapping for a more “implied” seam? I’ve never seen boxers with that heavy a seam, anyway, looks almost like a cuff.

I bow to your detailed, face-to-face knowledge of men’s boxer shorts. I forgot to mention this isn’t for a Calvin Klein ad. I just wanna make some geometry, believably, flap for a second in the wind.

I think you missed the point.
Chip said that cloth simulation works best when the mesh consists of even sized not to small faces.
We both suspect there is a higher density of edges at the seam, causing the problem.

He sure did, and he seems to be more interested in being sarcastic than solving the problem. He and his cuffed boxers can twist in the wind for all I care. :rolleyes:

So anything involving detail and uneven quads can’t have a decent cloth modifier? Blast! That’s as helpful as Wood Chip’s (sarcastic) criticism of my cuffed boxers.