Cloth Stimulation Not Working (Blender Not Responding)

Hi, I am much new to Blender.
I have been following several tutorials online about Cloth Stimulation, and I have followed exactly the same procedure but mine Blender freezes during Cloth Stimulation.

I have tried it 20-30 times but no luck. Could it be because of my laptop harware? I use a Sony Vaio i5. My laptop may not have best hardware but never had this problem even while using Unity.

I am using Blender 2.90.1

Please check the raw file. Blend File.

Thanks in advance.

Multiple problems:

  1. Zero area faces on the cloth.
  2. Always apply scale on any physics objects.
  3. Very low Blender size of objects means that collision outer is huge (I think).
  4. Normals on cloth mesh are backwards (probably doesn’t affect cloth, but not totally sure.)