Cloth TEST

It’s my first time to test cloth type material, thank you for your comments!


not bad, but it looks like harsh carpet or something…what are you planning to use it for?

:slight_smile: you are right free_ality, it’s more like carpet. ohhh, I didn’t have idea to use it. What I want is only testing material &textures in Blender.


Ah, your topic is misleading, I was expecting to see an animation with cloth & self collisions or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

i saw where someone was using the wood texture to get a great weave effect for fabric, but imho yours looks like a burlap or carpet. very believable as that, tho, but not as cloth.

Carpet - Good material for it
Cloth - off a bit, cloth wouldn’t have near that much bump and would look really soft.

roofoo, :), excuse me for misleading but I don’t take care of animation at moment.

RogerWickes & Cyborg, I have a little confidence to display result below when adding clouds texture. It’s softer like really coat.


Look at the material and texture of second picture of a cloth melon.


the second picture looks like levi texture. but for a levi texture it is good.