cloth texture doesn't stay put!

I’m trying to make an animation of a flag waving. so i make a plane, subdivide a few times, add a pin vertex group, set an image texture as the flag bmp file, everything fine. i set up the cloth simulator and pinnning, and it looks great. but when i render, the flag texture seems to be as if it’s a repeating grid of pictures, meaning when the flag waves down, for instance, the top dissapears and reappears on the bottom. what gives? i’ve done this before and never had problems? thanks

Use UV coords instead of orco. In editmode, with the flag’s vertices selected (while they’re flat) press u and unwrap. Change the map input to UV in the texture panel.

why would i have to do that? i’ve done it using a regular image texture so many times before. weird…
i’ll give it a try, thanks