cloth to shape keys

Did someone know a way to convert cloth to shape keys? workflow, addon, thanks.


If after you have generated you cloth simulation, you then go to the modifiers panel. Find the cloth modifier and click the apply as shape button. This will take your cloth simulation and make it into a shape key.

Attached is a blend file with a cloth simulation setup, move through the frames until you happy with how the cloth looks, then click the Apply as Shape button. Then you can go to the Object Data panel and you should see that a shape key entry has been created.


Blender 2.56 - Cloth To Shape Key.blend (314 KB)

Thats cool, the only trouble is that if you want to create multiple shape you can’t. It will be better if the apply as shape did not delete the modifier in this particular use


You could just before you apply as shape, duplicate the cloth object with shift+D, then apply as shape on the duplicate. Just tried it seems to work.

the corrective shape keys from ivo grigul do what i want. Thanks

good idea mate

but i can not help you

Well, actually it would help a lot, if cloth modifier worked over a range of frames.

Say, you need some 7500 frames (i.e. 5 mins @ 25 frames/sec) of cloth simulation under waving wind. If your PC isn’t too fast (and mine is NOT) then you have to wait for ages in order to get all the bakes.

Instead there would be nice to bake 750-1500 frames, find two frames with similar deformations (one in the beginning, one in the end), then use shape keys to get from one to another.

But all that’s a theory: I have no idea if it is possible to do, actually.