Is there a way to make a cloth like object??? Like bed sheets or like a table cloth

Cloth simulation.

Jacko, I think N-Gon is talking about the cloth simulator. It isnt out yet in the offical release. I hope it comes out with 2.42 :slight_smile:

You think I was talking about the cloth simulator? What in my 2 words was so incomprehensible that you would have to think about it?

Could you post a link Becuase I cant find the cloth simulator any where

It hasn’t been released yet. But it will be soon. Meanwhile you can use softbodies…
I haven’t seen how good is the cloth simulator, but i’ve done some decent cloths with the softbodies…

There is a decent tutorial on softbodies at Greybeard’s video tutorial webpage.

please anyone can help? how I can create the cloths…?

Jarod, Blender has an on-line user manual with lots of topics, at and the page you are looking for is