Is it possible to make a semi-realistic cloth banner that sways when it moves? If so How?

theres a flag shader blend around on the forums somewhere, but if your comp cant handle shaders you could always rig/animate one

Well, rigging and animating them would be a waste, because I’m looking for something like a cape. When you move, it ripples, and when you turn, it moves dynamically.

No, not really. If you used Ogre you could load up a PhysX plugin which is capable of cloth.

I hear a rumor that blender will get armature ragdolls at some point, but I can’t verify that. Until then, you’ll just have to animate it manually.

If you make a turning animation (which your should do even if you don’t use it to animate the cape- it looks better that way), make the cape move in this animation. make it go out in walk animations, more in run anims, etc. if you use blendin on your animations, the cape will smoothly transition between positions.

Great, I’ll try that out. Great! RAGDOLL EFFECTS! I’ll look at ogre, see what that has in store.