Clothe simulation doesn't render


I am currently working on a short anim which contains two clothe simulations. The first one renders good, but not the second one.

It looks okay in the 3D window, the mesh is deformed, but it renders absolutely flat, like the basic plane would, whatever the camera I use or the frame I render.

I have no idea what to do, the mesh doesn’t seem to be corrupted or something.

If it helps, I use Blender 2.57b on Linux Fedora 15, both are 64-bits versions.
Pictures will give a better explanation :

Thanks :frowning:

Did you press the BAKE button in the cloth settings.
Did you turn off renderability in the cloth modifier settings

Thanks for answering.
I baked all the simulations and renderability is still ON.

Attach your blend file to your post

Thank you, this is the .blend file :

took a long time to work it out, but your modifiers were in the wrong order, move subsurf down, and rebake.

Oh, I feel a bit stupid… Thank you very much, everything works, now !