Clothes for People

How do you make/put clothes on your character? I don’t really know how to make clothes for my character. Do i model the clothes, use the cloth physics, … ? Thanks!

Simplest way to that would be Shrinkwrap modifier.

It depends on what you want to do. Is this for animation? And what style? If for a still what kind of clothes? Period, current fashion?

Yes, for animation/game. Basically a suit, or jeans and a shirt.

Unless they are changing their clothes ingame, just make the clothes as the actual character (if that makes sense). Don’t model a naked char then clothe them, that would be too much screwing around and tweaking at this point.

I agree with jay, but when I make say a gown or cape or something like that, I’ll do it in another .blend file with
a dummy object. I’ll make the dummy object the collision object, and drop the cloth object onto the dummy
object, until it forms the way I like. Then bring it into my regular .blend file.