Clothes & hair; what were our parents thinking?

Me and my bro, a little younger.

I’m the sucker on the left. Photo taken somewhere in 1982, I guess.

And like I asked in the title: What, in God’s name, were our parents thinking?

I’m sure you guys can do better than me. Please show use. :smiley: we can all use a good laugh


Haha, how about this one? (think it was in 1979)

Last year I went on a pilgramage upstate NY to see if I could find any remaining family members. This is one of the pics I managed to scan onto disc; me and a cousin on an uncle’s farm in 1956:


I wasn’t much of a spiffy dresser as a kid. But then things changed in 8th grade. I suddenly had a keen sense of style. It must have been puberty.

By the way, I’m on the left. I believe this photo was taken in 1999.

Perhaps, sometime I can find the picture of me as a kid with the purple and white tweed-striped pants, the blue shirt with the white buttons and the blue tie with yellow, white and red polka-dots. :o

Yeah :slight_smile: This one is on my own fashion :stuck_out_tongue:

Cousin, brother and I:

Ha ha Toloban… off to the bullfight!


Fligh % - Wow, great pic. Looks… old. A shame those clothes aren’t made anymore. :slight_smile:

Falgor - hmmmm, don’t see a difference with the way you look now. :wink:

Yeah Sago :stuck_out_tongue:
I do look like quite the same in that pic, goggles and smile :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: .


wow that image is great. cloth pose expression just amazing.

people often as what is wrong with me? all i can say is it started in my childhood with things like this. being dressed as an apple for a holloween contest. it does not end here, i was carrying around underwear with my sister who was dressed as grapes. we were supposed to be chracters from the “fruit of the loom” underwear commercials. we won the contest and we were both scared for life.

my appologize for my recent out of control behavior at this thread HERE. the topic was apples and it opened some deep wounds for me. i went off on tracer for misspelling the word rude (he still will die for that mistake). anyway my appologize to tracer for being rude, my appologize to bgdm for having to use his deputy powers to shut down the thread, and my appologize to sago… well for just having to be sago. some wounds go too deep… and the apples thread set off a time bomb inside of me…it wont happen again…or will it…rood…rood…you will be destroyed…rood!