Clothes In Blender

Hey, I am making a video game and am currently woring out one of the cut scenes. I need to make clothes. How sould I go about this. I have looked for tutorials and found none. Please help!

just make it with naked people. it will be much simpler and visually compelling. Otherwise, read and search this forum for some keywords and you’ll find a LOT of history.

I know how to make softbodys, just not clothes

unless there is a script out there for this, I believe you will have to model the cloths the same way you modeled your character. then onvert the mesh to a soft body.

One way I have tried to model cloths was to duplicate the verts ov the character that I wanted to be clothed, and then seperate the verts to thier own object,“P” key,
Then you have the basic shape of your shirt or what ever, then you can start modifying the verts, and creasing and folding them.
and after you have a good fit on the character, you might find it help full to delet the verts below the cloths so you dont get any funny areas where the body shows through the cloths.
These are all just thoughts I had while reading your post, I have never really applied these techniques, if you do try them, please let me know if it worked or not.

I think if u use this method it wont be realistic sice u remove the part underneath it the shirt for example won’t look like its put on the mesh i always say do in blender what u do in reality
in reallity when put on a shirt ur belly and chest doesn’t dissapaer either so u have to find another way if u want nice realistic looking clothes.

Toloban has a tutorialand a scriptfor dressing models