Clothes Question

I’ve got a nice, low-poly character built, but he has no clothes on. Should the clothes and the character be the same mesh, or should I make new models to serve as clothing?

Also, how does one define low-poly when referring to game characters? How do I find out how many verts, edges, and faces my model has. How do I know if I need to add more/remove some? :eek:

Thanks :smiley:

well for a game, I’d recommend making the character and the clothes one mesh. This cuts down your overall poly-count, and with the GE the lower the polys, the faster the game will run.

as for finding out your vertices and faces, look at the top right part of the header in the 3d viewport.

ve = total vertices
fa = total faces

If you need to know these numbers for a specific model, just select it, go into edit mode, and the information will be in the same place on the header.

Unless you plan on having your character do some streaking or some other birthday suit event, I would think you wouldn’t need to have two models for this in a game. Merge them and get rid of any faces that you won’t see under the clothes. (but always make a back-up of your work if you plane on ever wanting a different set up of clothes or you really might need that formal birthday suit. :))
Low-poly/real-time/games isn’t really my specialty, but in CG generally, and I think more so for games, it seams to be the best option to use is the simplest ___ needed to achieve the desired effect. with blank being most anything you wan’t to put in. hope that helps a little bit.

To find out your poly count, use the status bar in the upper right:

I am in edit mode here, selecting 5 verts.

This says I have 5 vertices of 1497 selected, 5 edges out of 2941, and 1 face out of 1442. Then it gives some memory info, and the name of my object. It’s the FACES you’ll be counting – though you’ll have to double it if they are quads and not tris.

Sweet. Thanks a ton.

Ha ha! Yeah, I learned that lesson before I even began modeling. lol. Always keep that backup template. Thanks, bruh. :RocknRoll:

just figured id chime in, one of the things i noticed is that the head and hands tend to take up the most polys depending on how defined you want them to be especially the hand. as to poly count around 500 is I would say lowpoly for psp games and such. when you get to about 1000-2000 i’d say thats medium poly which is decent computer/video game quality above 3000 i fell like thats getting high poly 10000 is definately high poly. have to remeber that textures can be used to take up alot of the work. When I model I aim between 1000 and 500 polys.

ps. those counts are just what i have noticed from other models as well as my own

Another thing to keep in mind about polygon count is that vertices are potentially more important to real time performance than quads or triangles are. Vertices count an extra time towards usage memory if they are used to define seams in your UV map, so a model with less seams is ‘smaller’ than one with many UV islands. Each mesh is burdened by the complexity of its UV map (or maps). This is probably only something you need to concern yourself with if you have multiple versions of your character or his adversaries in game.

Cool, thanks! :yes: