is it possible to create detailed zbrush clothing, and then import it to blender for simulation?, animation

or whats the best way?

Maybe, maybe not. It’s not an easy question to answer generically. What kind of clothes are we talking here? A flowing robe/gown? A t-shirt? Jeans? Coat? Corset? Tactical vest? How detailed does the clothing need to be? How loose is it? What polycount? What motions will the character do while wearing it?

You might find it easiest to design some clothes while sculpting your character in zbrush, then send them back to Blender and cloth sim them. Or maybe they fit tight enough that you don’t need to sim them, like a fitted t-shirt. You could just shrinkwrap them, or make them part of the actual character mesh. Or maybe you don’t need a very detail piece of cloth, so it’s easiest to just model something in Blender really quick and then cloth sim it to follow your character.

i dont want it to be part of the actual mesh i want it kinda detailed with simulation on, when the figure moves the clothes react a little bit to the movement,

but if your rig the clothes by yourself the clothes doesnt look that natural right?