ClothFX - Cloth Tearing Tool

The ClothFX plugin is a set of tools which allow for instant cloth tearing effects. Avoid an extensive setup & increase your workflow with real time simulations.

New Features(v4.5):

  • Particle Triggering
  • Custom Tear Maps. Knife tool support
  • UI re-design/improvements
  • New dynamics system
  • New Pinning Editor
  • New Dynamic Inflate modifier(simulated)

Custom Tear maps Demo:


Blender Market:


“Here is a sample Animation i did with ClothFx for a Client

Thank you again for the great work on ClothFx - made my Job a whole lot easier!
I’m happy to see my add-on put to work, cheers on such effect and thanks for your support!

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is that for a future version or is a new version out already? Will the version on sellfy be updated?

It is a future version(mostly upcoming). I will be updating both sellfy and Blendermarket.

Tnx for the swift reply, Alberto! :slight_smile:

amazing effect!

No problem.

ClothFx v2 Demo

Any word on the ability to draw our own slices? It’s hard to justify a purchase for a tool we can’t art direct.

Great Done!
It seems that you create a lot addons at the same time.
Is ClothFx v2 Demo the next update release?

& yes, I will be updating the version on BlenderMarket,
also available for $45 on sellfy:

Hey Alberto, how do you export, a sim that uses this addon, to some other App.

I did some tests, when I initially got this addon, and was never able to export PC2 cache of it. The PC2 addon was just not picking up the deformations from the addon. This basically rendered it useles for me in production as I’m usually on Max+Vray pipelines. Granted, I might have rushed through it and made some errors.

Any thoughts?

Hey, I have had plans on exporting the simulation cache, but I also found no way of doing so, so I will have to develop my own exporting method in order to have it work. I also haven’t put exporting as one of the features on the blendermarket description. I will send you an update once I figure this one out myself. Pc2 export isnt really supported.

The addon is updated on CGcookie but not on Sellfy… can someone who bought the addon on cgcookie check the version number? The one I have is 1.0 for Blender 2.71, and the info on cgcookie clearly shows more functionality.

ClothFX from Blender Market:

bl_info = {
“name”: “ClothFX”,
“author”: “Albertofx(AFXLAB)”,
“version”: (2, 0),
“blender”: (2,7,7),

Hey, once I get my hands on my laptop, I will update it on sellfy as well, that was my bad and forgot to do so. I will PM you the link once I update it

Thanks, Alberto!

I’m new customer & proud! :yes:
It 's fast and easy, not to mention extremely intuitive. Amazing to think how such a small add-on can be so useful.

I’m enjoying to tear anything!

I’m glad you’re enjoying ClothFX (:
& big thanks for your support!

I really want everyone to try this tool, so I’m putting a 25% off discount out there :slight_smile: Code: BLENDON