ClothFX - Cloth Tearing Tool

About using images as planes or uv textures:

Hey, is there a way we can use grease pencil to draw out custom tears? Thanks for the discount BTW! (:

Unfortunately I haven’t found my way around that feature, so it will remain as a Pre-tearing system until I begin to slowly transition it into a node based plug in.

Is it logical to use this for flesh tearing up?

Of course! If you have already enabled subsurf, you can add an additional subsurf modifier after baking to increase detail & smoothness. For thickness, You can add a Solidify modifier after baking simulation. If you happen to Shade Smooth, tears may be visible. A way around this is to add an Edge-split modifier which can reduce any crease. The rest can easily be composited.

It will be in game, so it’s kinda modular system.

Do you think it’s possible?

It wouldnt work, unless I figure out a way to export simulation.

Why has ClothFX been removed from Blender Market and how do we get updates now?

I decided to stick with sellfy. Right now I’ve been busy with work & havent had time to fix my laptop screen. But you’ll receive them through email.

Right now, I’m focusing on perfecting my instant retopology tool.

Oh, yes, please do! Good luck with it. :smiley:

Thanks! Hope you like the tool(:

Just letting you guys know, the discount code BLEND_ON will expire in two days.
Thanks for you support! & hope you enjoy ripping that cloth.

Can’t wait to buy your re-topology add-on. Looks amazing, thank you for your effort, I really hope it is a huge success You’ll be saving people countless hours of mundane labor. Can’t wait, would love to beta. -cheers

Thanks! Hopefully I can have a less buggy version to release soon. Don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Popping a balloon :slight_smile:

Nice! Can you make a quick tutorial? :smiley:

Hey AlbertofX,

I wonder what’s going on with your store on Sellfy, it says “user profile deleted”.
How do I get updates for the addons I purchased?

$45 ???

Wow… no way…

Fracture Modifier build is free:

It does TEARING, Fractures, and alot more!

Indeed, says “Product has been removed due to Terms of Service violations.”, and no response from Alberto…