Clothing a character

(Abavagada) #1

I have been creating bodies in Poser 2 and exporting them to .dxf so I could import them into Blender. However, the problem is, these are nude bodies, and I want them clothed. Has anyone come up with a particularly good method of clothing characters?

(Hos) #2

As a starting point you may want to try duplicating parts of the
nude anatomy and pressing Alt-S (shrinken/fatten) tool to
make some rough clothes … then tweak, tweak, tweak!


(MikeCuffe) #3

You may have thought of this already, but clothe them in Poser and then export the entire mesh as one dxf. Remove a few doubles; I like to remove quite a few, depending on where (arms and legs do not suffer too much.) Then use the mapping tools to apply clothing textures.


(Abavagada) #4

I was already using Hos’s method… just hoping that someone might have another way to do it.

As for adding them in Poser… well, I only have Poser 2, and would never be able to find clothes for that now.

Thanks for both suggestions.