Clothing a Model

hey, new to this forum, i was always considering joining, but now i have a question i can’t find the answer anywhere so i’ve been forced to create an account :slight_smile: I did use the search feature and spent more than an hour looking for the answer anywhere and i would of prefered to find the answer straight away than create a thread,

How would i make the clothes on a model?, the tutorial i’m following (ward7299’s,, but he just does a skin tight suit, I want to create separate clothes, and using physics, i was just wondering what would be the best way to do it, do i create a new object, and make their and then link to the armature, or do it on the same object, and how do you get it to stay in place? ^^ i’ve seen people do it but i’m still puzzled. But i have done the shoes, they were the easy part :), i don’t need a detailed tutorial i can sculpt the clothes myself

This is a good place to start:

If you are animating with Armature and bones then the keeping the cloth on the object is simply a matter of assigning a vertex group. The vertex group will follow where ever the bones go and the rest of the cloth object will collide with the body as a collision object. You would simply add an Armature modifier to the cloth and have it use the Armature of the body as the deforming object.

And example would be a dress. A line of points around the waist is your pinned group. (see above link for definitions and methods of pinning cloth)

For a shirt you can likely just use collision - assuming it is closed. A jacket might need to be pinned at the collar. Pants would be the same as the dress.

Oh wow i can’t believe i’ve never heard of that wiki before, that’s amazingly detailed

Thanks, yeah i haven’t got round to assigning the bones yet, but when i do i’ll just use the vertex groups, thankyou! i’m pretty sure that solves all my problems.