clothing and fabrics

My question is very simple, I’d like to know how to do to model clothes and fabrics in order to dress the personages that I model with the blender.


hmm, a general search turns up, nada. Ah well.
Quick tip: Take the area of the body that you want to cover, duplicate, offset or scale slightly, and shape and form. My experience has shown this method can generate good models but can make for complex meshes. To help with collisions from the body underneath you can delete the area that is covered by the clothing.
Quick tip 2: Make a general shape similar to the body that you want to cover, turn it into a softbody, set the underlying shape as a collision, and drop. Makes for poorly fitting shirts but pretty good for dresses. Tricky and slow.

I haven’t done anything like that for really long time now so maybe someone else here has a better idea.